21 W 2nd St Freeport, NY 11520

Property Details

21 W 2nd St Freeport, NY 11520 (Sold)


3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, 6,000 square foot lot, 1,300 square foot house, Waterfront
This waterfront property with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms had a lot of potential and just needed to be cleaned up and required minor repairs. Whether a property needs major or minor repairs it does not matter to us. We are more interested in providing solutions for homeowners that want a quick home sale. Win-win solutions are what we aim for when dealing with our customers and this was another deal that provided a solution where everyone benefited.
Sale Price: $485,000 (sold in March 2024)

Other Details

We purchased this waterfront property in December 2023 from someone who was facing foreclosure and running out of solutions. We knew they needed a quick cash sale since they did not have time to go through the process of listing their home on the market. We went to see the property, and within about 48 hours, we were in contract on the house. We provided them with a quick home sale where they received cash and could move on with their lives without the stress of their home possibly being foreclosed on.

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