2 Garnet Ln Plainview, NY 11803

Property Details

2 Garnet Ln Plainview, NY 11803 (Sold)


4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 8,250 square foot lot, 1,900 square foot house

This is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom split level home located in the heart of Plainview, NY. We purchased this property in as-is condition for all cash when it went into foreclosure and it needed a lot of work. The property sat on a corner lot with a total lot size of 8,250 square feet and about 1,900 square feet of living space

Sale Price: $690,000 (sold March 2024)

Other Details

We purchased this property when it went into foreclosure, and we had a fellow investor inquire about it because he had a friend from his country who was looking to move to the United States and become a first-time home buyer. Since the property needed extensive work, a typical home buyer would not qualify for a conventional mortgage on this property. So, we sold the home to the fellow investor so he could do the renovations for his friend; that way, when the house was brand new again, his friend could buy it conventionally and become a first-time homeowner in the United States! This was a dream scenario, and we could never imagine that we would be helping someone from a different country get their first home in the United States. This was a gratifying experience, and we are super happy we got to partner up with an investor to make this dream a reality.

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