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Vice President

Meet Jacob Adam Glickstein

Jacob Glickstein is the visionary leader behind Legacy Home Development Group, a family-owned real estate company dedicated to buying homes for cash in Long Island, NY and ensuring both a smooth and transparent process for any seller. With a strong foundation in finance and a passion for real estate, Jacob brings a unique blend of expertise and insight to the industry.

A cum laude graduate of Fordham University, Jacob holds a degree in Finance. It was during his time at Fordham that Jacob discovered their passion for real estate and the transformative impact it has on people’s lives.

Driven by a desire to make a difference in their community and help homeowners navigate the selling process with ease, Jacob joined his father and mother under Legacy Home Development Group with a commitment to integrity, transparency, and personalized service. Their hands-on approach and dedication to excellence have earned them a reputation as a trusted leader in the real estate industry.

With Jacob at the helm, Legacy Home Development Group is poised for continued growth and success, driven by a shared vision of building a legacy of trust, integrity, and excellence in the real estate industry.